Transform Parking into a Stormwater  Management System

Industrial Strength Permeable Pavers for Parking Lots

Industrial strength permeable paving systems by Midwest Eco Pavers are excellent alternatives to asphalt or concrete for industrial, manufacturing and commercial facilities.  The patented grid system can handle any truck or load, and becomes a stormwater management system allowing for full use of property.

Midwest Eco Pavers LLC supplies TRUEGRID permeable pavers for large scale industrial, commercial and civic projects.  Our pavers outperform traditional materials with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty and an expected service life of 50+ years.

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Industrial Strength Permeable Paving Systems      that carry any Load

Midwest ECO Pavers LLC distributes factory direct TRUEGRID permeable pavers designed for commercial and industrial use.  Gravel filled TRUEGRID Pro-Plus paver is H20/HS20 rated plus and is more than enough for any vehicle on the road today.  These pavers can handle high traffic applications and are engineered to work in all climates and soils. Vertical compression strength and interlock system protect your surface from rutting, erosion, and instability for years with little maintenance.

Paver strength

S-Flex Joints

TRUEGRID patented technologies and the key reason these pavers are the go-to product for high traffic commercial application.  In areas with expansive soils and wet/dry cycles, the S-Flex joints will expand and contract.  In cold climates with freeze thaw cycles, the S-Flex joints offer the same advantage.

double wall

Double Wall Hoop Strength

The TRUEGRID patented four quadrant double wall, hoop strength technology works in unison with the S-Flex joints providing the industry best vertical compression strength along with the necessary ability of adjusting to heavy traffic at the surface and natural moement from below.

x anchor


 TRUEGRID’s built-in anchoring system will withstand heavy vehicle presures from turning and breaking, acceleration, and even zero point radius manuvering of tracked equipment.  Patented design will withstand natural wind and water pressure and works up to a 20% slope without staking.

3 point locking tabs

Three Point Locking Tabs

Built-in, locking tabs for tensile and vector loads.The TRUEGRID locking tabs are the strongest and most dependable on the market. Easily snaps units together for fast and reliable connections.

Eco Friendly Permeable Paver Systems

What if your parking structure could be 100% permeable?  What if the employee parking lot would absorb stormwater and had zero runoff.  Strong for heavy use and loads.  No more potholes, puddles, or cracks.  It is possible to build a permeable parking structure with pavers that becomes a natural water filter.  Our paving system allows for full land use as it eliminates the need for retention ponds.   This is the paving alternative to asphalt and concrete.

Fire lane secured with permeable paver system image

Fire Lanes

Create green spaces that double as fire lanes built with permeable paver systems that can handle the weight of any fire equipment.  Installs quickly. Snow-plowable.  Maintenance free.  100% permeable.

event center parking lot built eco pavers image

Event Centers

Create overflow parking with grass or gravel fill and use 100 % of your available land for profit.  Our permeable pavers hold any vehicle weight and provide stormwater storage below eliminating the need for retention ponds in most cases.  Save land and save money.

Parking lot built with permeable paver system image

Parking Lots

Our permeable paver grid system installs quickly and easily and can be used immediately.  Parking lots can be built for any type of vehicle and traffic with less investment, less maintenance cost and longer service life.

Equipment Storage Yard built with permeable paver system by Midwest ECO Pavers LLC image

Storage Yards

Ask us how to improve your equipment storage lot with our permeable pavers.  You may earn LEED credits using permeable pavers that provide stormwater management made with 100% post-consumer recycled content.

Large Auto Storage Lot built with permeable pavers

Auto Lots

A parking lot expansion project built with our permeable pavers added 100 new spaces, saved $480K in construction costs over traditional materials and now has zero stormwater runoff. Ask your rep for more information.