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Effortless Installation of TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Pavers: Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to eco-friendly parking solutions, the ease of installation is a vital consideration. At Midwest Eco Pavers, we’re pleased to introduce TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Pavers, a product that excels in performance and simplicity of installation.

Step 1: Lay the Grid

The process begins with laying out the TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Paver grid. Each panel is 24″ x 24″ and designed to be manageable and easy to handle. Place the panels over your designated area, and you’ll immediately appreciate the convenience of the modular design. Grids can be cut with a hand saw to form curves around trees etc.

Step 2: Connect the Grid Sections

The ingenious interlocking system of TRUEGRID ROOT panels simplifies the connection process. As you lay the panels, they naturally align and snap together with ease. You won’t have to fuss with intricate alignment or connectors or tools.

Step 3: Saturate the Ground with Water to Soften

Before the grid is fully secured, it’s recommended to saturate the ground beneath with water. This step helps soften the soil, making it more receptive to the installation. The water aids in preparing the ground for the next crucial step.

Step 4: Press Grids into Wet Soil

With the ground softened by the water, press the TRUEGRID ROOT panels into the wet soil. The grids are designed to embed themselves naturally, taking advantage of the softened soil’s pliability.

Step 5: Apply Fresh Grass Seed if Necessary

Should you desire a lush green appearance, this is the perfect moment to apply fresh grass seed. TRUEGRID ROOT allows grass to grow through the open grid design, creating a seamless blend of strength and aesthetics.

And there you have it! In just five simple steps, your eco-friendly parking solution is ready to serve its purpose. The modular design, minimal site preparation, and user-friendly nature of TRUEGRID ROOT Permeable Pavers guarantee a streamlined installation process.

TRUEGRID ROOT overflow parking areas are available for immediate use.  Regular lawn maintenance can resume as needed.

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