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Installing the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS Permeable Paver System is simple:

Step 1: Site Preparation

Clear the area of any vegetation, debris, or obstacles. Ensure a clean, even surface for installation.

Step 2: Base Layer Preparation

If required, create a suitable base layer, typically composed of crushed stone or aggregate. The depth of the base layer may vary based on your specific project needs.

Step 3: Install Geotextile Fabric (Optional)

Lay down a geotextile fabric over the base layer if soil separation or reinforcement is needed. This step helps prevent mixing of soil with the base layer and reinforces the foundation.

Step 4: Place TRUEGRID PRO PLUS Panels

Start placing the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS panels over the prepared area. These panels interlock seamlessly, simplifying the installation process.

Step 5: Connect the Panels
As you lay the panels, ensure they align correctly and snap together easily.  The interlocking design allows for a tight fit without the need for additional connectors or complex alignment or tools.

Step 6: Cut Panels if Necessary

If you need to fit the panels into smaller or irregular spaces, use a saw or cutting tool to trim the panels accordingly.

Step 7: Fill the Grid

Fill the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS grid with your chosen material, which can be grass seed, gravel, sand, or other appropriate fill. The choice of fill depends on your project’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Step 8: Compact and Level the Fill

Compact and level the fill material within the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS grid. This step ensures a smooth, even surface.

Step 9: Water the Area

Water the installed TRUEGRID PRO PLUS system to settle the fill material and promote optimal compaction.

Step 10: Seed or Sod (If Using Grass)

If you’re using grass as your fill material, apply grass seed or lay sod on top of the TRUEGRID system. This allows for natural grass growth through the open grid design.

Step 11: Maintain and Monitor

Regularly maintain and monitor the area to ensure proper growth and functionality. This may include mowing, watering, or maintenance based on the fill material used.

Please note that the exact installation process may vary depending on the specific project, soil conditions, and intended use of the TRUEGRID PRO PLUS Permeable Paver System. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and any local regulations or requirements to ensure a successful installation.

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