Transform your driveway with Eco Pavers

Permeable Paver Driveways

Eco-friendly permeable paver driveways are beautifully and easily built with Midwest Eco Pavers.  Midwest Eco Pavers supplies Landscape Contractors and homeowners with TRUEGRID permeable pavers for residential installation to create strong structures that provide real stormwater solutions.

Our permeable paver driveways are made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE and the patened design is engineered for heavy use and long life and is virtually maintenance free.  Our products provide unparalled stormwater management, bioremediation; drive on surface with water storage below.

Your Permeable Paver Driveway becomes the Stormwater Management System for your Property

Midwest Eco Pavers LLC,  is the authorized dealer for TRUEGRID the leader in permeable paving systems.  The TRUEGRID paver is a patented design,  24 x 24 plastic grid made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, that snaps together to form any shape.  Our grid can be cut to form curves around trees and to conform to your design ideas.  A permeable paver sits on top of a stone or dirt bed, similar to concrete or asphalt but with the benefit of shedding water;  water runs through the permeable paver and is held in storage underneath the surface.  No more puddles, run off, ice or dust.

Permeable pavers offer design options beyond black asphalt.  Midwest Eco Pavers can be filled with gravel to match your home and surrounding buildings or dirt and grass seed for natural asthetics.  Grass or gravel; your permeable paver driveway is strong enough for any vehicle to drive on.

Pro-Lite Driveway Paving Grids image
Pro Lite Features

Versitile Permeable Pavers

There is an alternative to asphalt, an eco-friendly alternative: permeable pavers.  Our  paver grids can be formed to any shape to support horse trailers, boats and RVs.  With Midwest Eco Pavers  your parking structure is 100% permeable.  This means that rainwater will soak through instead of running into the streets and sewers.  Flooding risks and runoff is reduced dramatically with our grids,  Our paver grids are strong enough for heavy use and loads; there are virtually no weight restrictions.  Our permeable paver product design eliminates  common maintenance problems of traditional materials; no potholes, no more puddles, or cracks and no need to reseal.  Our paving system allows for full land use as it eliminates the need for retention ponds.   This is the paving alternative to asphalt and concrete. The future of paving is permeable.

permeable pavers for horse stables

Stables & Paddocks

Will not rut or shift

Strong enough for Draft horses, cattle and bulls

Scoopable and drains easily

Installs quickly

Made for easy expansion

Mud-free for healthy hooves

permeable pavers for dog kennels

Dog Runs

Prevents digging

Breathes cooler than concrete

Gravel or grass fill

Drains and can be hosed down

Low maintenance

Create extra parking permeable pavers image

Extra Parking

Less expensive than concrete

Permeable and drains

DIYers – Easy to install

Gravel or grass fill

Strong enough for any truck

erosion control permeable pavers

Erosion Control

Contains & retains fill material

No staking up to 20 degeee slopes

Wind, flood and scour resistant

Protects up to 1-to-1 slopes (45 degrees)

grass driveway

Grass Driveways

High-strength & durability

Little or no Maintenance

Click pavers together to install quickly

No rutting, standing water or wash-boarding

Snow plowable


Build shed base permeable pavers image

Shed Bases

Strong & Stable

Immediate use, no wait to build

Easier than concrete piers

Fastest shed-base to install

Modular for site expansion

Build patio permeable pavers image


Protected against erosion

Drains water & remains dry

Choice of gravel and decoratie fill material

Homeowner installation friendly

Modular & flexible

Breathes cooler than concrete

Extra RV Parking permeable pavers image

RV & Trailer Pads

Can withstand the largest RVs

Prevents rutting and wash boarding

Gravel or grass fill

Permeable & drainage friendly

Quick installation


Installation of TRUEGRID Permable Paver Systems

How to Install Pro-Lite

1.  Prepare the ground. Scape off any debris.

2.  Lay geofabric (if needed) to prevent weeds.

3.  Install drainage and base rock (if needed).

4.  Lay TRUEGRID pavers (click together, no stakes).

5.  Fill with grass or gravel.