Supplier of eco-friendly permeable pavers throughout the Midwest and Florida.

Midwest Eco Pavers: The Future of Paving is Permeable

Midwest Eco Pavers is the Midwest and Florida supplier of TRUEGRID brand eco-friendly permeable pavers used successfully worldwide to create super strong structures while providing stormwater management systems, erosion control and land stabilization.

TRUEGRID products are made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE and the patented design is engineered for heavy use and long life and virtually maintenance free.  Our products provide unparalled stormwater management with built in bioremediation, control water runoff and gravel migration.  Drive on surface with water storage below.

Large Auto Storage Lot built with permeable pavers

National auto-dealership needed to expand the auto and truck parking lot and did so with permeable pavers.  Using TrueGrid the company saved almost half a million dollars.  Permeable pavers allowed 100% land utilization by eliminating a detention pond.

Midwest Eco Pavers transforms parking lots into approved stormwater management systems.  Stormwater simply flows through the gravel and is stored below; eliminating run-off, mud and puddles.  Gravel migration is not an issue as paver grid holds all in place.

TrueGrid Pro Plus grids are used in heavy duty application to provide acres of support.  TrueGrid pavers are ADA compliant and can be used anywhere.

Built to last: TrueGrid brand permeable pavers supplied by Midweets Eco Pavers are delivered with a 10 year warranty and an expected service life of 50+ years with very little maintenance.

The TrueGrid patented design can boast as “The World’s Strongest Paver” and the only permeable paver approved for industrial use.   Ask us for information of strength testing and real life applications.

Permeable Pavers can support heavy truck parking

Midwest Eco Pavers supplies the world’s strongest eco friendly permeable paver to replace asphalt and concrete.

Midwest Eco Pavers supplies the paving industry’s strongest commercial paver by TRUEGRID.  This paver is engineered for heavy-duty, long life and is 100% perpermeable cover creating a stormwater management system within your parking lot.  The TRUEGRID system is proven and trusted by engineers, landscape architects, industrial designers and facility managers to solve stormwater management requirements, create land stabilization and utilize more of the landscape for profitably.

What is a Permeable Paver and How does it Work?

Midwest Eco Pavers LLC supplies the TRUEGRID patented paver grid for industrial, commercial, municipal and residential use.  Each section is 24inch by 24 inch plastic grid made from 100% post-consumer recycles material that easily snaps together to form any shape.  Our grid can be cut to form curves around trees and to conform to your design needs.  The permeable paver sits on top of a subsurface material similar, sand, gravel or dirt, to cement or asphalt.  Once the grid is in place it is filled with locally sourced gravel, or soil and seed for a grass finish.  The new surface is strong enough for a cement truck with the benefit of shedding water; water runs through the permeable paver, and supporting materials, and is held in storage underneath the surface.  No more puddles, no more water run off in to the streets, no more ice and dust is reduced greatly.  For most commercial applications, retention ponds are no long required.


Surfaces built with the TRUEGRID pavers are strong, long lasting and require little maintenance once installed.  Our pavers have unlimited uses.  Paver have a wide variety of applications to provide stormwater management, land stabilization andstop  soil erosion.

Storm Water Detention Illustration

 Midwest Eco Pavers Make Sense

Our eco-friendly permeable pavers help to significantly reduce the amount of water flowing into storm drains, and alleviate the pressure on sewer infrastructure. Built in bioremediation keep pollutants out of streams and rivers – as water is filtered and stored below the surface structure.

Tax Credits for Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are made of 100% post consumer recycled materials and can earn tax credits available through taxing agencies based on content permeablity.  Check for incentives to remove old impermeable surfaces and replace with permeable eco pavers.

Stability & Structure

Install Midwest Eco Pavers eco friendly permeable pavers to reduce soil erosion and to stabilize grounds.  Permeable pavers are viersitle, easily shaped to meet your needs. Designed to stay-put with built in anchors, our grids do not require staking. Unique cell design will hold gravel in place.

Lasting Value

Built to last, our permeable pavers are an excellent investment. Product is delivered with a 10 year warranty for workmanship and manufacturer’s defects, and are expected to perform for 50+ years. Permeable pavers are typically installed by the landscape trade and can be completed quickly.

Midwest Eco Pavers: Supplier of TRUEGRID to Chicagoland and the Midwest

Midwest Eco Pavers LLC is the Chicagoland supplier of TRUEGRID commercial permeable pavers.  TRUEGRID pavers are the only permeable pavers strong enough to replace concrete and asphalt for any traditional auto, equipment or pedestrian and animal traffic while providing strategic stormwater management solutions.  

Improve your parking;  No More black ice, dust, ruts, puddles or flooded lots. Pavers allow rainwater to filter through the grass or gravel filled grid, leaving safe surface for parking and walking.  Add stripes using TRUEGRID SuperSpots and or SuperSpot Reflectors available in multiple colors. TRUEGRID pavers can be snowplowed with blade held at ½ -1 ‘ above grid.

Engineered for heavy use: stands up to daily 18-wheeler traffic. Capable of holding a million pounds per square foot.  Expected service life:  25-60 plus years.  TRUEGRID will outlast asphalt and last as long or longer than concrete.  TRUEGRID pavers are produced from 100% post-consumer high-density polyethylene with added UV inhibitors. Made in the USA.